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About Us

We help organisations leverage modern technology and infrastructure to innovate and transform their businesses using digital processes, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

By engaging Informatics, businesses can access our knowledge, expertise, and energy, together with our single-minded focus on producing results. Using our extensive experience and deep industry expertise we deliver real, measurable, and profitable outcomes for our clients.

What We Do

Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics practice enables businesses to engage with their customers with deep insights into their buying behaviour, thus enabling them to enhance the customer experience, through personalised services, allowing businesses to build differentiated services as a competitive advantage.

At an operational level, we can transform how businesses use data generated by their operational technology platforms, to derive real-time insights and enable fact-based decision making.

Our core expertise lies in our ability to convert organisational data into dollars and measurable business value, by providing businesses with timely insights that can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and attract customers to generate new revenue.

We offer services ranging from Business Intelligence & Information Management to Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence to Data Management disciplines including; data warehousing, data migration & integration, data quality & remediation, and data governance.

Business Performance Improvement

Informatics increases efficiency and effectiveness across key business operations, by applying our knowledge and deep understanding of business operations, operational technology, and business objectives. We can help design the right business model and technology, to ensure you get the most out of your business's strategy.


We help businesses maximise their staff potential, through adequate training and better alignment of roles towards business objectives, through technology enablement programs, thus achieving productivity gains through truly engaged staff and better use of technology, to increase overall business performance.

Risk Management

We design and implement appropriate internal control procedures and change management processes to help businesses better manage their disaster recovery and information security challenges.

Digital & Cloud Transformation

We can transform your business processes using cloud-based digital technologies, including best-in-class Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems and enterprise-grade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Our productivity and collaboration offerings can empower your team to work together, through improved information sharing and increased collaboration.

Our services include, lift-and-shift of entire data centres to expanding current infrastructure to rapidly provisioning production-ready applications (apps) and services. We take a holistic approach that aligns with the broader business strategy that optimises existing infrastructure, services, and processes.

Systems Integration

We use our expertise in integrating and streamlining business processes with people, technology, and data, for improved efficiency, visibility, and flexibility within businesses.

We can build new applications (apps), complete end-to-end solutions, and services on modern cloud-enabled infrastructure or integrate them into existing legacy environments, allowing our customers to quickly respond to changing consumer needs and take new products and services to market faster.

Managed Services & Support

Informatics can take away the challenge of managing your business applications, technology, and infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business. We can design, build, operate, and manage your applications and services on a public or private cloud, on-premise or on a hybrid; while improving cost-efficiencies, reliability, security, and flexibility.



We have partnerships with the world's leading technology companies, ensuring our solutions are built on best-in-class infrastructure that can adapt to ever-changing business needs.


Fun & Rewarding Environment

Informatics provides a supportive, inclusive, and collegiate environment, filled with passionate and interesting people, and the opportunity to work for leading organisations in innovative and industry-leading projects, that can accelerate your career.

Direct Client Facing Experience

The majority of our work involves directly engaging with customers, often onsite, so your days won't be limited to sitting at a computer screen. Opportunities to work interstate are available, and highly encouraged.

Technology Certification Pathways

We have an extensive in-house learning and development program. In addition to that, we help you find an industry or technology specific certification pathway that you will enjoy - one that fits your passion.

Learning & Development Programs

We have one of the best internal training and development programs based on self-paced learning in the industry. This enables our consultants to learn and grow through direct work experience and self-paced learning.

Sharing Culture & Flat Business Structure

Together, our flat organisational structure, sharing and collaborative culture, ensures equal opportunity for all to achieve their best. All consultants have direct access to some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry.

Our consultants are ambitious, driven go-getters with a strong work ethic, who enjoy solving complex challenges, and are always looking to learn new technologies and new ways of doing things. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

We advertise vacancies regularly on LinkedIn and SEEK. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Careers Team on

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  Level 12
  197 St Georges Terrace
  Perth WA 6000
  Phone: 08 6165 8827  (International: +618 9288 1848)
  Fax: 08 6314 6628  (International: +618 6314 6628)